Marketing Cloud Migration

Learn more about how SolomonEdwards can improve your organization's efficiency by migrating your processes to Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SMC).

Marketing Cloud Migration

Are you struggling to achieve meaningful results with your marketing software?

SolomonEdwards has deep experience migrating from legacy marketing solutions and implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SMC).


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Our dedicated, onshore team is a mix of management consultants, architects, developers and analysts. We bring decades of Big 6, industry and technology experience to solve our clients’ challenges and take advantage of their market opportunities.


Are SolomonEdwards’ Marketing Cloud Migration services the right fit for you?

Whether you’re brand new to Salesforce or need assistance enhancing and expanding your current Salesforce processes, we can help. An important step in migration is to identify objectives and scope, as it is important to know exactly what is moving between platforms.

Here are features to consider migrating:

  • Data mapping
  • Replicated reports
  • Subscriber keys
  • IP warming strategy
  • Logic flow

Identify your key communication methods


If SMS is planned, you will likely need a short-code provisioned. If you do not have one be prepared for 4-6+ weeks to get that. If you do have a short-code it needs to be ported to your Marketing Cloud instance and handed over to Salesforce. Contact your AE to learn more about that process with Salesforce themselves. Also consider your current process SMS shortcode throughput expectations. You may need more than 1 short code depending on your volume/minutes.


If emails are used , you will need to have an email address that can be verified. You will also need to fill out Sender Authentication Package for this. We can help! If your emails link out to pages, surveys, data capture forms those can be built in Marketing Cloud, but porting over will be a manual process. The page builder in Marketing Cloud ‘cloud pages’ have ability to insert HTML which may help the manual migration efforts.


Journeys in Marketing Cloud are a proprietary tool within the platform that would require you to rebuild your current ‘automation’ communication processes. (Example journey automation: email on day 1, wait 2 days, check for response, if no response send 2nd email)

Note: Integration with Salesforce is possible, but keep in mind that Marketing Cloud doesn’t offer sandbox orgs like Salesforce does.

SolomonEdwards has experience here with leveraging Marketing Cloud business units so that you can hook up to a sandbox and run tests. Keep in mind, you may need to purchase additional business units to aid in the ability to develop, test and iterate.

What Our Clients Say

They are fully vested in the client’s success. It’s tremendously valuable to be able to lean on someone externally to meet your goals

- SVP Portfolio Management, Healthcare Company

They treat you as though you are the only client. They provide a personal, high touch, VIP white glove experience.

- COO, Healthcare Company

SolomonEdwards epitomizes the true meaning of partnership–getting to know your business at a level like no other. With their expertise, we successfully completed a massive and business critical project. If you are considering a Salesforce partner, look no further than SolomonEdwards Consulting!

- Director of IT, Financial Services Company

They are an extension of us, not a 3rd party…they are truly part of the team and understand the dynamics within the organization.

- CIO, Healthcare Company

Single best outsourcing experience I’ve ever enjoyed.

- General Manager, Americas Financial Services

SolomonEdwards is a great firm. They were a key partner for us at a critical time. Highest quality!

- Chairman & Co-founder, Healthcare Industry

We get more value than usual–they care about their work and the client–they go the extra mile.

- SVP Strategic Programs, Financial Services

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Joel Liller

Senior Manager

How we've helped others

Technology Company

System Implementation, Conversions & Optimization

The client faced issues due to lack of proper design and integration, resulting in a much lengthier close process and system administration cycle. The previously migrated consolidation system lacked the functionality and efficiencies associated with optimal design and implementation. The resulting system implemented by SolomonEdwards minimized the time spent on the assembly of outlooks and financial reporting, maximizing the time spent on actuals and outlook analysis, and streamlined as well as improved the efficiency of system administration and the close cycle. ​

Global Financial Services Firm

Aligned the 80% of standard processes into common SFDC configuration

A global financial services organization with multiple regions and business units had three separate instances of SFDC with similar but unique data and processes. These separate platforms had no vision for Customer 360 view or automated processes. SolomonEdwards conducted a platform assessment and created a roadmap for success by consolidating three instances to one global instance of Salesforce, aligning 80% of standard processes into one common SFDC configuration. This allowed for region/BU specific requirements driven by regulation and compliance. After implementation, SolomonEdwards engaged in managed service process to improve intake and ongoing design.

Commercial Finance Company

Portal to Support Small Business Loans

This company needed an easy way for customers to apply for loans online and capture COIs, all with a commercial grade UI. It also need to be multi-lingual and multi-currency all while providing a single, holistic view of the opportunity pipeline. SolomonEdwards employed our phased approach building specific loan product solutions based on priority, 2-3-week sprints with playbacks/tweaking, UAT/training and deployment. Our solution involved process engineering and gap analysis and technical architecture assessment, which resulted in a migration from Navatar to Salesforce Sales Cloud.

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