Business Triggers

6 Reasons Companies Turn to SolomonEdwards

Clients commonly turn to us when facing six types of complex business situations:


  • What are the big trends that will reshape the current business environment?
  • How will these trends disrupt my industry and business?
  • Which employees will be affected by these disruptive trends?
  • Is my work force skilled enough to handle the transformation?

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • What are the key risk areas in an M&A transaction?
  • What are the regulatory and tax considerations of a transaction?
  • How should integration plans be structured?
  • What is the best approach to managing the integration process?


  • What potential sales partnerships and industry alliances should you be planning for in your future?
  • How are your prospects’ needs going to change over time?
  • Can your company grow faster selling to current customers or new ones?
  • Are there new markets your firm could capture if new skills are developed?

Regulations & Compliance

  • How are you identifying and preventing litigation and regulatory risk?
  • Does your firm have a shared understanding of the principal strategic, financial and regulatory risks facing the organization?
  • Do you have clarity regarding roles and responsibilities for risk and compliance requirements?

Efficiency & Savings

  • Where is value created and how do you enhance it within your organization?
  • Do you have a clearly articulated strategy and business model?
  • Is the organization prepared for potential shifts and disruptions?

Business Risk

  • Is your cybersecurity system robust?
  • Are your employees adequately educated about possible threats?
  • Is your business adequately protected from emerging threats?