Business Transformation

Throughout a transformation, business leaders must face process, technology and people management issues simultaneously - and may experience barriers to change. Despite leadership efforts, most transformation efforts fail to achieve their targeted results. SolomonEdwards enables our clients to successfully achieve results from their strategic initiatives.

By helping clients identify how well positioned their organization is for a successful transformation, and what challenges stand in the way of realizing the desired end state, we help them reach their goals. Clients work alongside our experts on their initiatives, or we will manage every step and task in the transformation project while the clients’ teams conduct their normal course of business.

Whether launching new go-to-market strategies, improving operating efficiencies, or conducting technology implementation, business process re-engineering, or leadership/culture change, SolomonEdwards addresses these challenges through our suite of business transformation offerings.

Why SolomonEdwards?

  • We manage and implement business-critical initiatives to success. 
  • Our program and project management specialists focus not only on strategy and methodology, but on delivering expected results on-time and within budget.
  • We have perfected multiple program delivery frameworks (e.g., Managed project, Managed service) to deliver consistent results for our clients.
  • We provide customized solutions with the right combination of expertise and experience to achieve business objectives.
  • Our unique business model allows us to meet the specific