SolomonEdwards’ Banking & Financial Services (B&FS) practice has successfully tackled some of the most complex situations the banking and financial services industry has faced in decades. Our focus on the changing regulatory environment, combined with superior banking experience and custom solutions, make us the ideal partner for financial organizations of all sizes – from large global institutions to small community banks, as well as government and government-sponsored financial services organizations.

Our B&FS practice offers a wide range of services and solutions – from advisory and augmentation services related to program and project management, to enterprise risk management, accounting, compliance, servicing, credit, retail delivery and operations. 


Whether for a client in the private sector or fulfilling task orders for our Federal Government clients, we apply the same methodology for project management and oversight.

  • Define the Project Objectives
  • Determine Milestones and Deliverables
  • Measure Timelines, Budgets and Associated Risks
  • Determine Talent Needs
  • Select, Qualify and Stage Teams for Deployment
  • Deploy Appropriate Management and Oversight


SolomonEdwards’ ability to efficiently flex and scale resources based upon the need and complexity of the project is unmatched in the industry. We have proven success in addressing the critical areas of needs of our clients, and we have demonstrated our experience and ability to address unique challenges and issues in these areas with deep expertise and perspective.

We personally qualify each candidate and we can deploy teams of any size to any geographic location within a matter of days, as we have proven on task orders and projects that have ranged from one to 1,000 professionals. Within our B&FS recruiting platform alone, we maintain a pool of more than 3,000 experienced consultants who are fully qualified for project work to augment our permanent staff. This platform provides flawless contingency coverage should a team member withdraw or if a different mix of skill sets is needed.