SolomonEdwards Expands Capabilities and Footprint

SolomonEdwards Expands Capabilities and Footprint Through Strategic Acquisitions


SolomonEdwards, a national professional services firm, has recently made several strategic acquisitions to enhance our service offerings and expand our geographic footprint. These acquisitions demonstrate our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions through top talent and specialized expertise, reflecting our values of trust, growth and collaboration.


Acquisition of QUAD656

In September 2019, we welcomed QUAD656, a leading recruiting firm in the Delaware Valley, into our family. This acquisition significantly strengthened our staffing capabilities with the addition of 75 experienced recruiting professionals. QUAD656’s expertise in placing top talent across multiple disciplines complements our existing portfolio, providing clients with access to a broader and deeper talent pool. The integration of QUAD656 enhances their operational capabilities through our robust infrastructure in marketing, IT and HR administration. This strategic move aligns with our vision of expanding permanent and interim placement solutions to meet growing demand in a labor-constrained market, ensuring a seamless cultural fit and shared vision for excellence.


Acquisition of OpenGate Consulting

In February 2023, we acquired OpenGate Consulting, a business and technology consulting firm and full-service Salesforce partner. This acquisition allows us to expand our technology consulting services, particularly in the financial services and healthcare industries. OpenGate’s expertise in digital transformation and Salesforce consulting complements our core strengths in accounting, finance and business transformation. Fueled by a significant investment from Renovus Capital Partners, this acquisition supports our growth strategy and enhances our service delivery capabilities, enabling us to offer more comprehensive and innovative solutions to our clients.


Acquisition of 29Bison

In May 2023, we further expanded our service offerings by acquiring 29Bison, a human capital advisory firm. 29Bison specializes in due diligence, value optimization, and pre- and post-transaction services. This acquisition enhances our human capital consulting capabilities, allowing us to offer comprehensive solutions in leadership, culture, benefits, technology and organizational design. Integrating 29Bison strengthens our position in the market by providing clients with robust human capital strategies that drive value and optimize organizational performance. The addition of 29Bison’s expertise ensures that we continue to meet and exceed client expectations with a people-centric approach.


Achieving Strategic Goals

These strategic acquisitions reflect SolomonEdwards’ dedication to evolving our service offerings and expanding our market reach, positioning us as a trusted partner in achieving your business goals. We are excited about the future and remain committed to delivering exceptional value and innovative solutions to our clients.

“I believe that ‘who’ you bring into your business is about having a common vision, a great cultural fit and business benefits for all involved parties. I am extremely confident that SolomonEdwards, QUAD656, OpenGate Consulting and 29Bison align on all three areas and are equally focused on bringing exceptional experts to the marketplace” said Ed Baumstein, Founder, President and CEO of SolomonEdwards.

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