Optimizing and Consolidating Financial Management Systems

Optimizing and Consolidating Financial Management Systems

We helped a healthcare client update and optimize their financial system data architecture, enabling them to enhance and align their reporting and budgeting processes and eliminate the need for spreadsheets.


An international medical operations company needed help consolidating and optimizing its financial management systems. The firm had been using two separate systems, alongside a corporate performance management (CPM) tool, which they were not using optimally.   

Budgets were being created and actuals uploaded to the CPM tool using Microsoft Excel. However, the actuals then needed to be downloaded again for management reporting, which was also conducted via Excel. Additionally, the account balances’ natural signs were inaccurately represented in the CPM tool, leading to incorrect carryover of retained earnings. 


We developed and optimized the client’s data architecture, focusing on enhancing the process for key reporting metrics. We supported implementation of an updated system and ensured its capabilities were appropriately leveraged. In addition, we supported the company in refining its monthly reporting process to enable strategic decision making.


We updated and optimized the financial system data architecture. As part of this process, we created budget templates within the updated system and aligned the budgeting process with operations, enabling process management within the system and eliminating the need to create spreadsheets.




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