Modernizing a Legacy Banking System

Modernizing a Legacy Banking System

We were brought in to help a community bank replace a legacy system with a modern, integrated platform, an initiative that was far behind the target implementation date. We identified and cleared obstacles, gained consensus from stakeholders, created a testing methodology, and completed the successful implementation on time and with the confidence of all stakeholders.


An $8B community bank was replacing its legacy deposit account opening system with a modern, integrated platform. Because the bank had limited expertise and resources, it relied on the primary vendor to lead the system implementation. But with a month left before the target implementation date, the initiative was far off course. The primary vendor had failed to account for the delivery of dependent capabilities provided by other vendors, specifically account opening and disclosure document management. In addition, no requirements or testing had been done for the account opening and disclosure document management capabilities.


We deployed a banking and deposit management subject matter expert with a background in largescale project delivery to support the bank in getting the project back on track. After evaluating gaps and requirements, we brought stakeholders together from compliance, operations and retail, galvanized everyone around a shared goal, and provided a test methodology and discipline to ensure thorough readiness testing before going live. We also engaged the company’s two vendors in supporting the testing process, in addition to seeking senior leaders’ support to ensure testing efforts received appropriate attention and prioritization. 


We produced a testing strategy and methodology that the bank can use for future efforts. In addition, we developed test cases, managed defects, led the testing process, and provided daily reporting of testing status and progress. Our ability to take charge and get the project on track helped garner support for the testing process across the organization. The testing was successfully completed before the go live date and stakeholders were able to sign-off with confidence. 




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