Order-to-Cash Problems: Perception vs. Reality

Here are 6 common perceived vs. real Order-to-Cash issues to enable you to bring cash in the door and define success for your OTC transformation.

Do you know the true root of your Order-to-Cash problems?


It’s important to be able to correctly identify your pain points and address them with strategic solutions that will enable you to bring cash in the door and write the story that will define success for your OTC transformation.


6 Common Perceived vs. Real Order-to-Cash Issues



Perceived Issue: Customer is a bad Payor and/or makes excuses

Real Issue: Customer is not receiving invoices




Perceived Issue: We do not allow Pay-When-Paid terms

Real Issue: We have POs with Pay-When-Paid terms




Perceived Issue: Verbal terms do not exist between Sales and our customers

Real Issue: Verbal terms (dual terms) do exist




Perceived Issue: Sales can collect as effectively as a Collection Team

Real Issue: Sales “Do Not Call” accounts have the lowest collection success




Perceived Issue: Workarounds for Milestone Billing ERP functionality are usually okay

Real Issue: Incorrect Project Billing and Retention could be a major cause of Revenue Recognition issues




Perceived Issue: Dispute resolution should be a function of a collector

Real Issue: Collections is highly diluted by dispute management—formal dispute teams are necessary



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Author / Editor

Caroline Perez

Principal, Business Transformation

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