Maximizing Portfolio Company Value: The Crucial Role of Human Resources Audits

In the dynamic landscape of private equity, Human Resources (HR) audits play a pivotal role in value creation. HR audits offer a roadmap for talent management strategies, assessing the skills and capabilities of the existing workforce and allowing investors to make informed decisions about hiring, training, or restructuring.

In the dynamic landscape of private equity, where investments in portfolio companies can make or break a fund’s success, savvy investors and portfolio company operators increasingly recognize the pivotal role of Human Resources (HR) audits in value creation. These audits are not merely a compliance exercise; rather, they serve as a strategic tool to unlock hidden potential, mitigate risks, and foster sustainable growth within portfolio companies. 


Human Capital and HR Audits

At the heart of any successful business are its people. Human capital is a key driver of organizational success, and optimizing its potential is fundamental to creating lasting value. This is where HR audits come into play.

Conducting a comprehensive examination of a company’s HR functions provides operators and investors with invaluable insights into the health of its workforce, culture, and overall people-practices’ effectiveness. 


Benefits of Human Resources (HR) Audits

One of the primary benefits of HR audits is risk mitigation. Identifying and addressing potential compliance issues, such as labor law violations or inadequate employee policies, not only protects the company from legal repercussions but also safeguards its reputation. In an era where corporate social responsibility is paramount, maintaining a positive employer brand is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent. 

HR audits uncover operational inefficiencies and areas for improvement, paving the way for enhanced productivity and profitability. From evaluating compensation structures to assessing training programs, these audits enable investors to implement strategic changes that align with the company’s goals and market demands. 


Enhancing Employee Retention and Compensation in a Clinical Practice Roll-Up

We recently completed a project with a clinical practice roll-up focused on employee retention and compensation.  This portfolio company was comprised of nine acquisitions completed over a five-year period. Very little attention had been paid to people practices across the combined organization and no compensation or salary administration harmonization had occurred.  As a result, the business was experiencing extremely high employee turnover and poor patient-care survey results.  

Using a quick audit process, we learned that many of the individual medical offices had overlapping geographies and often employed the same part-time staff.  However, job titles, pay rates and benefits could differ by as much as 25% from one practice to another.  In a matter of weeks, we simplified the job structure, aligned job titles, roles and responsibilities, harmonized pay and benefits practices, and designed a change management process. Less than a year later, the client reported an 80% reduction in employee turnover and a significant increase in patient satisfaction and net-promoter scores.


HR Audits Provide a Roadmap for Talent Strategies

For portfolio companies eyeing expansion or facing challenges, HR audits offer a roadmap for talent management strategies. Assessing the skills and capabilities of the existing workforce allows investors to make informed decisions about hiring, training, or restructuring–decisions that are vital for sustained growth and competitiveness. 

The importance of human resources audits in value creation for portfolio companies cannot be overstated. Beyond compliance, these audits serve as a strategic compass, guiding investors towards a deeper understanding of the human capital within their portfolio. By leveraging these insights, private equity firms can unlock the full potential of their investments, fostering a culture of excellence and resilience in an ever-evolving business landscape. 

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