SolomonEdwards Releases Special White Paper on Financial Reporting

Wayne, PA (July 16, 2019) – SolomonEdwards released a special whitepaper for finance professionals entitled ‘How to Prevent Costly Financial Reporting Mistakes,’ illustrating the quandaries companies can face due to flawed financial reporting and oversights and how to align processes, systems and people to ensure compliance and peace of mind.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reported 79 issuer reporting and disclosure actions in 2018, nearly 10 percent of its total enforcement actions. Despite the risk of potential negative market reaction, government inquiries, investigations and enforcement actions including civil and criminal penalties, many companies continue to struggle to release consistent, accurate financial statements.

“Inadequate processes, faulty systems and human error. Shoring up these deficits – and aligning them to function holistically – can prevent missteps and their painful repercussions,” said Sridhar Kuppa, SolomonEdwards Director, on the root cause of reporting errors.

This report guides you through the journey from the root of reporting errors and the confusion surrounding legislative regulations, to assessing the appropriate plan of action to right a wrong before it becomes costly to your company.

The whitepaper covers:

  • The root causes of reporting errors
  • Legislative and regulatory confusion
  • Human error and outdated technology
  • Aligning processes, systems and people

The report can be downloaded for free at

Sridhar Kuppa is a Director in the Transaction Regulatory and Advisory Services Practice at SolomonEdwards. Sridhar helps clients identify problems and find strategic solutions in accounting, financial planning, analysis, and reporting.

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