Workplace Re-Entry: Establishing the new workplace

On April 23, 2020, the CDC reported that survey data indicated 48% of people would not return to work
until they feel safe (+/- 2%). The question now facing all HR executives and business leaders is how to
ensure maximum safety while minimizing negative impacts to their customers, suppliers, employees
and stakeholders.

This is not a short-term crisis for which a quick-fix plan will suffice, nor will one solution work for all
employers. Responding to COVID-19 and establishing a new way of working and communicating will not
affect just a small sector of the economy, or only a small, localized number of people. Every nation in the
world has been affected in some way to date and is likely to be affected again in the future. The decisions
business leaders make now will impact the short-term and long-term outlooks for their companies,
employees, customers and stakeholders.

Now is the time for business leaders and HR executives to review and create new business models and
identify internal procedures and policy changes needed to support different ways of doing business,
ensuring both business continuity and the continued safety of all stakeholders in their purview: employees, customers, contractors and community members.