SBA PPP Solutions

Paycheck Protection Program 2021

At a Glance​

SolomonEdwards is a national professional services firm focused on strategy execution. Our largest practice is the Banking & Financial Services team. We’re considered a leading expert in vetting, interviewing, and providing exceptional resources and management for your business-critical initiatives.

During the pandemic, we offer highly experienced former SBA employees to help guide you through various federal programs, such as the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

We can also staff your “business as usual” and backlogs for both remote and onsite services, in addition to providing project oversight leveraging our own in-house financial services leaders.

SolomonEdwards’ focus on the changing regulatory environment, coupled with superior banking and mortgage expertise and customized solutions, makes us the ideal partner for a wide variety of financial organizations: community banks, commercial banks, credit unions, non-bank mortgage originators and servicers, and government and government-sponsored financial services organizations

Most importantly at a time like this: our model allows us to launch a project within weeks, reducing ramp up time and achieving target performance. Let SolomonEdwards help you navigate the challenges of today.

How We Can Help

We service both lending institutions and borrowers in their SBA initiatives such as:

  • Project management of the PPP program by experienced SBA experts
  • Supplemental resources to assist institutions with PPP originations, forgiveness applications, and/or questionnaires
  • Review of completed questionnaires and supporting documentation prior to SBA submission
  • Guidance to borrowers on the completion of required forms and compilation of supporting documentation

When it comes to managing daily operations, we can:

  • Provide staffing to manage “Business As Usual” and Backlogs for both remote and onsite services
  • Supplement staff within an existing process, allowing you to re-deploy resources during critical times
  • Manage all processes and people, remote or onsite, to fit your specific requirements and business needs
  • Provide quality control and assurance services to help minimize losses
  • Manage daily production and performance
  • Hire, train, and manage all resources

Meet the Team

Disclaimer: Please note that we are not a public accounting firm, law firm, government agency, or third-party processor. As a strategy execution firm, we’re here to assist with your remote SBA needs, including vetting, hiring, training and project management. As the details and implementation of the second stimulus package are subject to change, we encourage you to visit the SBA website for the latest information.