Ann Hook

Chief Operating Officer

Ann Hook is the Chief Operating Officer of SolomonEdwards. She oversees Operations which includes Resource Management, Recruiting Delivery Operations and Human Resources. During her tenure, Ann has led significant special projects, including the integration of a professional services firm acquisition, the realignment of all business practices and the implementation of an integrated technology platform. She first joined the firm in 2014 to lead the Business Transformation service, soon after which her role transformed into an executive capacity.

Throughout her 30-year career, Ann has established herself as a strategic leader in the professional services industry. Having worked for the Big Four, mid-sized consulting firms and US-based corporations, Ann has successfully led large business units and enterprise-wide transformation initiatives. Her areas of expertise include Management Consulting, Information Technology and Accounting and Finance. Ann has worked in Europe, India and the United States.

If you could do anything else as an occupation, what would it be?

Training Seeing Eye dogs.

What do you do outside of work to relax and recharge?

Hiking, travel and painting.

What part of your work day do you most look forward to?

Meeting with clients and assessing how we can best be of service.