Portfolio Companies

By nature, portfolio companies have the potential to bring significant growth and value to investors. As a result, it’s imperative that they continually seek ways to ensure that transaction value is created and investors are satisfied. In fact, what happens once a deal closes is equally – if not more important – than the work that occurs in the pre-transaction evaluation stage. For example, the newly acquired company must be properly integrated; reporting requirements must be complied with, and in many cases, consolidated; and, opportunities for process and performance improvement must be identified and realized.

SolomonEdwards helps portfolio companies develop and implement strategies that enable them to effectively grow and compete while complying with today’s challenging regulatory landscape. We also help create value with improved internal reporting, optimized processes and systems, performance enhancement and the establishment  of meaningful metrics. Our professionals work closely with management teams to help companies grow, expand, and ultimately, reach their full potential.

SolomonEdwards provides the following services to Portfolio Companies:

  • Audit Readiness
  • Final Due Diligence
  • Bank / Private Equity Reporting Package
  • Consolidated Reporting
  • IPO Readiness
  • Technical Accounting (US GAAP & IFRS)
  • Operational & Profit Improvement
  • Performance Management
  • Strategic Growth Planning
  • Management Reporting (KPIs)
  • Policy & Procedure Development
  • Process Improvement
  • System Integration & Conversion