Acquisitions mean time, work, planning and due diligence – and that doesn’t stop when the negotiations are complete and the contract is signed. Integration is a key element to any acquisition, and when well executed, can help ensure success for the newly combined organization. Oftentimes, the integration process can be trickier than the acquisition itself as two organizations – including their books, clients, associates, culture, processes, systems and controls, etc. – all must be merged into one cohesive company. Organizations that maintain a disciplined approach to the integration process not only improve the chances of success, but also are better able to focus on overall goals, milestones and value drivers.

SolomonEdwards delivers proven integration processes that support and supplement client integration teams. We take an active, hands-on approach to helping clients focus on the right activities at the right times in order to build momentum, gain internal support and ensure stakeholders are confident in the deal and the overall investment. From reporting and performance management, to process improvement, and system integration, our team has the expertise clients need to navigate the integration process and ensure the newly combined organization is well positioned for success.

Our Integration services include:

  • Consolidated ReportingFinal Due Diligence
  • Operational & Profit Improvement
  • Performance Management
  • Policy & Procedure Development
  • Process Improvement
  • System Integration & Conversion
  • Strategic Growth Planning