Successfully planning and executing a divestiture or carve-out can be challenging. Too often companies view divestitures as a business failure, and as a result, devote inadequate resources to the process. Because each transaction has various moving parts to manage and critical issues that must be considered and analyzed, many find they lack the means to effectively govern and, ultimately, close the transaction.

The reality is that selling a business, division, product line or asset is a process that must be strategically navigated, and companies must ensure they are allocating the necessary time and resources to develop and implement a sound strategy. Sellers that are well positioned to expedite their deals and maximize value are able to quickly return to focusing on the business activities that remain in line with their overall corporate strategy.

SolomonEdwards’ Transaction & Regulatory Advisory Services team is adept at helping clients avoid common pitfalls and effectively preparing for a divestiture, in order to maximize value and efficiency. Our team possesses the deep technical knowledge and the analytical skills around both the tactical extraction and separation process, along with the various regulatory and accounting requirements that must be addressed throughout the transaction. We specialize in helping clients create a course of action that is manageable, flexible and scalable – enabling us to drive value and efficiency in the deal life cycle, streamline processes and procedures, and ultimately, achieve a seamless separation.

Our Divestiture services include:

  • Valuation
  • Financial Carve-outs
  • Financial Statement Compilation
  • Technical Accounting (US GAAP & IFRS)
  • SEC Reporting
  • IPO Readiness
  • Audit Readiness