Case Studies

Case Study 1: Understanding Product Line Profitability

A mid-size division of a major foodservice company sought to analyze all custom product lines in order to both determine the most profitable and identify areas of improvement. While they understood profitability down to gross margin, they did not have a good process in place to allocate other costs to specific products and product lines. SolomonEdwards assisted by reviewing profit and loss and production data for the company as a whole – and for specific business lines. SolomonEdwards consultants worked closely with the client to determine and confirm key assumptions related to operating, selling, general and administrative allocations for customers. Based on that information, the SolomonEdwards team developed a simple and effective model to present profitability results, and trained the client on how to utilize the tool moving forward. The data was used as a basis to support new product, pricing, marketing and other business decisions, leading to a more informed analytical, and better decision making process.

Case Study 2: Strategic Business Plan

A middle-market automotive aftermarket manufacturer and distributor believed that the creation of a new company vision – shared cohesively across ownership, management and key employees – would drive positive results for the overall organization. As a result, they needed a strategic business plan to help them achieve their objectives. SolomonEdwards assisted by implementing a step-by-step approach to developing the plan, including meeting with key stakeholders, facilitating planning workshop sessions, monitoring progress and aiding in implementation. A “one team, one focus” approach now permeates through the organization as a whole and the company is achieving desired results – from communications and human resources, to sales and marketing, research and development, and systems implementations.