Supply Chain Transformation Services

Helping Clients Realize the Total Value of Their Supply Chain.

Supply Chain performance impacts all primary company functions, including Legal, Procurement, Manufacturing, Technology, Marketing and Business Development. One process change in supply chain can create tremendous results across the organization reducing costs and saving time.

High Performing supply chains will have a favorable impact on revenue and margin performance, aligning to a firm's corporate strategy. It will also create a competitive advantage in the marketplace across good and bad market conditions.

Why Transform Supply Chain?  

It's typically the largest cost component and offers the largest savings and cash flow opportunities in your organization. SolomonEdwards' “Total Value Realized” approach and assessment can help you determine the current maturity of your supply chain across the organization and quickly identify value creation opportunities.

Our approach is unique, we have a “creativity before capital” method that focus on initiatives directly impacting the P&L and/or Balance Sheet. Value must be measured and it must be validated. As your organization's maturity level advances from Reactive to Strategic, the Total Value are realized across:

  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Materials Management
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Manufacturing

Why SolomonEdwards?

SolomonEdwards offers the right combination of services and talent to ensure our clients not only achieve but sustain successful transformation results:

  • We have successfully transformed thousands of organizations in the 17 years we’ve been in business. Supply chain is one of our focused business transformation offerings. 
  • We have a combined 65 years of experience in supply chain with substantial experience transforming global supply chain organizations. We've walked in your shoes and have been accountable.
  • Our analysts are experts at aggregating, modeling, and dissecting massive amounts of disparate data to build the big picture and identify opportunities. We can use your tools or BYOT.
  • With over 25 years in the audit and internal controls business, we understand how to build the right controls framework and monitoring plan to sustain your change. Evidence of successful supply chain transformation should quickly hit your bottom line. We can help build the financial controls and reporting you need to see immediate results and measure continued success.