Our Culture

At SolomonEdwards, integrity, synergy, passion and fun are an integral part of our business and our collective success. Our culture thrives on these four key values, and our colleagues embody them on a day-to-day basis. It’s by truly living these values that we have proudly become the leading national professional services firm we are today.

Integrity. The foundation of our value system is built on integrity. In an increasingly complex regulatory and government environment, clients and colleagues rely on us to ensure their businesses and careers continue to grow and prosper – and we take that very seriously. We routinely put the success of our clients and colleagues ahead of that of our overall company because we believe that if we all succeed, we will collectively reap the rewards.

Synergy. At SolomonEdwards, we believe in the value and importance of each person as part of the whole. We thrive in a culture that encourages and embraces teamwork, and our team is dynamic, flexible and primed with the knowledge and experience to solve our client’s biggest challenges and achieve the best results.

Passion. We are very passionate about our work and believe it’s the reason we have so many happy colleagues and clients. Working together to solve our clients’ biggest challenges energizes us – and nothing beats the sense of accomplishment we feel when a strategic solution is reached and our clients are satisfied.

Fun. When you love what you do and enjoy the people you work with, it’s impossible not to have fun. SolomonEdwards has undeniable energy and excitement. Our colleagues fuel that excitement each day, and our clients feel it when they work with us. The result is a workplace without boundaries, where creative thinking and problem solving thrive. Fun is not just an integral part of who we are; it helps make us great at what we do.